Reeves Daddy & Me Session

Missoula Kids Photography

The Reeves loved the Daddy & Me set up with a tea party in the woods to kick it off! She played shy at first and then as soon as she got playing she opened up and the real smiles came out! What an adorable daddy and daughter!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 / 5 Stars
"Whitney offered to do a photo shoot of my husband and daughter and I though, why not? We trudged in the woods and found a child’s dream of a tea party set and table Whitney had set up. Whit was patient with my 2 year old tornado, easily broke the ice when my tot became surprisingly shy, and was imaginative with different locations and poses. When we got the prints and the neto zip drive back, I was floored. Whitney captured the beauty of my family and the joy in my husbands smile. I absolutely cringe when I hear someone wants to take my photo. Loathe it! Yet now I am eager to be in the next photo shoot with my family. Thank you for everything, Whitney." Kids Photography, Family Photography

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